WEBSTER, NY — The Coca-Cola Co. broke ground on fairlife’s production facility in Webster, NY, as part of fairlife’s continued expansion in the Northeast.

The $650 million, 745,000-square-foot facility is expected to be operational by the fourth quarter of 2025.

Fairlife said it is planning to source from local milk cooperatives to produce its dairy beverages.

“Breaking ground on the new fairlife facility here in Webster marks an important milestone for The Coca-Cola Co.’s presence in New York,” said Jennifer Mann, executive vice president of Coca-Cola and president of North America operating unit. “The facility will build upon our strong legacy of economic impact in the state, adding competitive jobs and further bolstering economic vitality for New Yorkers.”

In January 2020, The Coca-Cola Co. acquired fairlife from Select Milk Producers, Artesia, NM.

“We are thrilled to be laying the foundation for fairlife’s next phase of growth as we begin construction of the Webster facility, enabling greater distribution of our products in the Northeast and across the country,” said Tim Doelman, chief executive officer of fairlife. “We are grateful for the collaboration and support we have received from the town of Webster throughout this process and continue to value our growing partnership with the Webster community.”

Fairlife was founded in 2012 and is a manufacturer of dairy products that are made through an ultra-filtration process that removes the lactose and much of the sugar and leaves behind more of the protein and calcium.

The company’s product line features fairlife ultra-filtered milk, Core Power protein shakes and fairlife Nutrition Plan.