PITTSBURG, CALIF. — Ramar Foods Corp. is bringing boba to the ice cream aisle.

The company is launching a line of boba ice cream pints under its premium ice cream brand, Magnolia. The treats come in eight flavors, including four existing Magnolia ice cream flavors with the addition of boba and four entirely new flavors. Varieties include ube, mango, coffee, green tea, wintermelon, honeydew, brown sugar and jasmine milk tea.

The texture of the boba is as soft as in traditional boba drinks, Ramar Foods said, as the company formulated the boba pearls to remain chewy even when in frozen ice cream.

“The team is excited to be part of the boba trend,” said Vaneza Agustin, marketing coordinator at Ramar Foods. “We are bringing the flavors our consumers love with a new twist while introducing new milk tea flavors to the Magnolia line.”