NEW YORK — New York startup Bubluv Inc. launched its Bubble Tea, a ready-to-drink boba alternative containing no added sugar.

Bubluv’s tapioca pearls are made with a blend of tapioca starch and konjac, a root vegetable. The konjac gives the pearls a texture in between jelly and a regular tapioca pearl, according to the company.

The bubble tea contains antioxidants, such as vitamin C, and is both keto-friendly and gluten-free. It comes in three varieties. The black milk tea with tapioca pearls flavor is made from whole milk. The two vegan options are matcha soy latte with tapioca pearls and oolong guava with tapioca pearls. Each 9.5-oz bottle is sweetened with monk fruit and brewed with loose leaf tea.

The products are available direct-to-consumer at the company's website for a suggested retail price of $34.99 for a 6-pack.

“After learning how unhealthy boba tea could be, I decided to create Bubluv Bubble Tea so I could enjoy one of my favorite drinks without worrying about how much sugar I was consuming,” said Diana Ark Chen, chief executive officer and founder of Bubluv Inc. “The incredible pre-launch demand has been a clear indicator that I was not alone in my sentiment. Consumers deserve to experience bubble tea in a simple and better-for-you way, and we're excited to bring this first-of-its-kind beverage to market.”