JEROME, IDAHO -- Idaho Milk Products was awarded a $97,000 cash incentive from Idaho Power for their efforts in reducing energy consumption.

“A critical component of our plant is the refrigeration system which cools milk and helps to ensure top-quality products for our customers. To maximize the performance and efficiency of our refrigeration system, we upgraded the pumps and piping that circulate water to the evaporative cooling towers,” said Chris Parker, director of engineering, Idaho Milk Products. “This upgrade helps our refrigeration compressors provide the same cooling level under less strain, reducing energy consumption and increasing the reliability of the equipment.” 

Idaho Milk Products’ upgrades have saved over 540,000 kilowatt-hours annually in electrical energy, equivalent to 47 Idaho homes. This effort is yet another step towards their sustainability goals, driven by core values as a business to be good community partners and stewards of the environment. 

“We commend Idaho Milk Products on their impressive energy efficiency efforts and this well-deserved incentive,” said Leo Sanchez, key accounts energy advisor for Idaho Power. “We look forward to our continued partnership as we help them reach their energy goals.”

Idaho Milk Products is committed to continually update its plant, equipment and operations as more environmentally friendly technology becomes available.