JEROME, IDAHO – International dairy manufacturer Idaho Milk Products shared that one of the company’s research and development specialists, Pranav Vashisht, earned the best paper award at the 13th Indian Dairy Engineers Association (IDEA) Convention & International Conference.

Idaho Milk Products shared that Vashisht’s presentation at the event, which took place in India and focused on recent advancements in engineering applications for sustainable dairy, highlighted what an optimized radiation system can do for whole milk.

Vashisht’s research, the company explained, included the design of an UV-C reactor for milk processing, which would enable underdeveloped nations to access “a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution” for treating milk. The innovation aims to extend milk’s shelf life and make it safer for transporting long distances.

“I am proud to be part of Idaho Milk Products, where I can apply my knowledge and skills in food science and sustainability to enhance and optimize our plant processes,” Vashisht said.

Dr. Venkateswarlu Sunkesula, vice president of research and product development for Idaho Milk Products, praised Vashisht for his work, calling it “remarkable.”

“Dairy sustainability is a crucial issue that affects the natural resources, environment, human health and food security of the world,” Sunkesula said. “We have a duty to explore the best practices for producing and processing dairy products that respect and protect these aspects.”

Per Idaho Milk Products, Vashisht provides the manufacturer with “a wealth of experience and expertise.” He oversees and directs projects that optimize processes at the company’s Jerome, Idaho, plant.

Owned by local Idaho dairy farmers, Idaho Milk Products supplies milk protein concentrate, milk permeate and cream derivatives to its customers throughout the world.