CRANBURY, NJ — Innophos Inc. offers Textur-Melt LM89 and DKP (dipotassium phosphate) for improving the texture, appearance and flavor of high-protein beverages with whey, collagen and plant-based sources.

Textur-Melt LM89 offers buffering capabilities and prevents age gelation. The ingredient resists pH change upon the addition of an acidic or base component, allowing the protein to become more soluble, more stable and to go through the pasteurization process without issues, according to the company.

“Phosphates are known to be strong buffers, so product developers need to use only a small dosage to be effective compared to non-phosphate ingredients,” said Amr Shaheed, manager of technical services at Innophos. “This results in lower cost-in-use and extends the shelf life of the product as it improves stability.”

DKP’s functionality in plant-based applications only recently has been discovered, he added. DKP meets the standards of the USDA National Organic Program.

Textur-Melt LM89 and DKP are part of a range of phosphate solutions offered by Innophos. From retaining moisture and reducing sodium to achieving peak flavor and texture, the company’s phosphates help food processors develop meat, seafood and poultry products while improving efficiency and reducing costs.