JACKSONVILLE, FLA. – Darifair Foods has changed its name to Rubix Foods. The change reflects the company’s evolution beyond its roots in dairy product development.

When Darifair was founded in 1985 it was a supplier of dairy products and became one of the largest producers of portion-controlled private label sour cream. Today, the company is a full-service food and beverage product developer.

“Our size and structure allow us to solve dynamic challenges — from research to rollout — in a smart and nimble way, pertinent for the fast-moving 21st century food world,” said Andy Block, chief executive officer. “Fittingly, we wanted a new name that was unique and ownable, that was easy to remember and that honored the legacy of the Block family founders.”

The company said the Rubix Foods logo features bright blue type as a reference to the company’s historic branding, complemented with an eye-catching orange block that subtly nods to the Block family, which founded the company and has operated it for four generations.

“While we are definitely focused on the long-term picture of foodservice and manufacturing, we are also keenly aware of the current circumstances facing our customers, including supply chain interruptions, labor shortages and economic pressures,” Mr. Block said. “More than ever, customers see the value of a comprehensive brain trust such as Rubix Foods in helping them track trends, explore new flavors and leverage ideal ingredients, all steered by our hands-on team at unparalleled speed.”