NEW YORK — Walmart is the grocery store Americans trust most, according to a new study by BrandSpark and Newsweek magazine.

Walmart garnered 15 No. 1 rankings in the study, proving that their promises of everyday low prices and one-stop-shopping convenience continue to resonate with shoppers, according to BrandSpark.

But many other grocers have proven that they can compete with the leader and have secured greater trust with their shoppers in specific areas, according to the study. H-E-B achieved a top ranking for Easy Checkout Experience and Enjoyable In-store Experience, along with a top three ranking on eight important attributes.

ALDI earned the top ranking for Discount Grocery and most trusted Small Format Grocery Store. Besides Walmart, the one grocer that ranked No. 1 regionally was ShopRite in the Northeast.

For the study, BrandSpark surveyed 3,200 Americans. Trust leaders were identified in 32 categories, including the Top 5 grocery retailers nationally and in four major regions, by store format, and across 22 attributes that drive trust.