LOS ANGELES — N!ck’s, a maker of Swedish-style better-for-you snacks and treats, is adding six new flavors to its lineup of light ice cream pints.

The frozen desserts feature more inclusions with less net carbs and no added sugar, according to the company, which also offers ice cream cookie sandwiches and keto-friendly snack bars. Each pint contains between 260 and 420 calories.

New flavors launching on N!ck’s website and in retailers throughout the United States include Rocky Fjord, which features nuts and marshmallows in chocolate ice cream, and Campfire S'mörgs, a blend of chocolate chunks and graham crackers in marshmallow ice cream. Swedish Munchies combines vanilla and chocolate ice cream with chunks of cookie dough and brownie, while Raspbär Swirl mixes vanilla ice cream with raspberries and chocolate. Also debuting is Hazelnöt Kram, featuring hazelnut ice cream and chocolate chunks, and Strawbär Cheesecake, a blend of strawberries and graham cracker in cheesecake ice cream.

Co-founded by Carl Backlund and Niclas Luthman in 2017, N!ck’s uses a proprietary blend of sweeteners plus patent-protected ingredients to deliver the experience of full fat, full sugar snacks with a better-for-you health halo, according to the company. It has expanded into 16 markets, including the United States and United Kingdom, since launching in Sweden five years ago.