MADISON, WIS. – The Center for Dairy Research has a number of short courses and online training sessions coming up in the months ahead, covering a variety of dairy topics.

While some of the courses will be offered in person on the University of Wisconsin campus, others will be accessible remotely. The online offerings will be available on demand, meaning participants can work their way through the training at their own pace.

Here is a rundown of what the CDR has lined up:

• Feb. 16 – Cheesemaking Fundamentals, online

The workshop introduces basic cheese manufacturing science, principles of moisture and pH, basic mathematical calculations commonly used by cheesemakers, common government regulations and more. CDR designed it to provide a foundation for cheesemaking and answer questions.

• Feb. 22-24 – Process Cheese Short Course, in person

The three-day course covers the basics of formulation and manufacture of pasteurized process and cold-pack cheese products. It also examines the practical aspects of process cheese making.

• Feb. 25 – Dairy Ingredients Fundamentals, online

A course designed for dairy and food industry professionals interested in dairy ingredient technology, it covers the basics of milk processing and the wide array of products derived from milk. 

• March 15 – Buttermaking Fundamentals, online

Covering the production of quality butter, the course highlights ideal and usual industry practices. It is open to buttermakers of all experience levels.

• March 15 – Cheesemaking Fundamentals, online

Participants can learn the basics of cheese science from CDR experts.

• March 22-24 – Cheese Grading, in person

The in-depth three-day course, which dives into the principles and practices used in grading natural cheeses, was put together with cheesemakers, production supervisors and quality control personnel in mind.

• April 25-29 – World of Cheese from Pasture to Plate, in person

A five-day experience, the course teaches retailers, culinary professionals, end users, brokers, distributors, retailers and marketers about the art and science of cheesemaking. Some of the featured lectures will cover cheesemaking, cheese handling and display, packaging fundamentals, cheese economics, basics of cheese grading and evaluation.

• May 18 – Cheesemaking Fundamentals, online 

• June 14-16 – Advanced Buttermaking, in person

Put together to serve as a three-day deep dive into producing and evaluating butter, presentations will come from CDR and industry experts, including licensed buttermakers and butter graders.

• June 20-24 – Buttermakers License Apprenticeship, in person

CDR provides this five-day course for aspiring buttermakers who have completed the CDR’s Buttermaking Fundamentals and/or Advanced Buttermaking courses. It provides apprenticeship hours for buttermakers licenses and includes topics not covered in other CDR short courses. Students make unsalted, salted, cultured, high fat/European style, flavored and blends of butter from mixed milk, sweet and whey cream.