NEW YORK — Specialty cheese and cured meats retailer Murray’s Cheese is now selling products from New York’s iconic Carnegie Deli.

Murray’s, which has its own retail stores in addition to partnering with Kroger, began selling four Carnegie Deli products in February.

They are:

• 12 oz Pre-Sliced Pastrami

• 12 oz Pre-Sliced Corned Beef

• 16 oz Chocolate Babka

• 16 oz Cinnamon Babka

“We couldn’t be more thrilled for Murray’s Cheese to carry our pastrami, corned beef, and babkas for the first time,” said Sarri Harper, Carnegie Deli’s chief executive officer. “Carnegie Deli and Murray’s Cheese are both iconic New York institutions that are committed to using quality ingredients to deliver a memorable and delicious culinary experience. With all of our values aligned, we can’t think of a better partner and retailer to carry our signature products.”

Founded in 1937, Carnegie Deli’s original storefront was located just offstage from Manhattan’s theater district. It quickly became an iconic spot for entertainers, celebrities and comics. Carnegie Deli is known for big sandwiches, smoked and cured meats, potato knishes and creamy cheesecake.