WEBSTERVILLE, VT. – Fresh goat cheese brand Vermont Creamery’s first dessert-inspired flavor, Strawberry Spritz, just made its debut at Murray’s Cheese locations and soon will be available at grocery stores nationwide.

Described as a sweet and indulgent snack by the B Corp Certified artisanal cheese and butter maker, the Strawberry Spritz goat cheese was developed by Vermont Creamery to have a light, mousse-like texture and rich taste.

Made from pasteurized cultured goat’s milk, plus honey and dried strawberries, the new flavor was inspired by the traditional pairing of champagne and berries.

"Goat cheese has always been our core, and our fresh chèvre portfolio will continue to evolve to offer our fans the chance to enjoy it in the ways they want most," said Kate Paine, Vermont Creamery’s director of marketing. "Strawberry Spritz, with its sweet and creamy flavor profile that pairs so well with everything from shortbread to chocolate bark, ushers in a fresh and decadent side of goat cheese. This flavor is designed for dessert trays, cocktail hour spreads or even midday bites with a little sweetness."

The brand has more new flavors for tasting plates and dessert boards on the way, as well. Vermont Creamery previously revealed it also will debut indulgent Cherry Cocoa and Sweet Truffle goat cheeses.

Established in 1984 and one of the first brands in the US to produce fresh cheese made from goat’s milk, Vermont Creamery gained popularity by making crumbled goat cheese that was used as a topping on salads and pizzas. An independently operated subsidiary of Minnesota-based Land 'O Lakes, Inc., Vermont Creamery states it is dedicated to “answering the growing demand for responsibly made, delicious food,” while developing new products that meet consumers’ tastes and interests. It was ranked in the top 10% of most purposeful brands, according to the 2021 Purpose Power Index.