NEW YORK – Animal-free dairy developer Remilk announced it signed a strategic commercial agreement with Central Bottling Company (CBC Group) to produce and sell a new line of dairy drinks, cheeses and yogurts for the Israeli market.

All of the products in the new line will be made with Remilk’s animal-free milk protein, and plans are in place for them to be launched within a year.

Based in Israel, CBC Group, which also owns Tara Dairy, agreed with Remilk to make a number of animal-free dairy products that will be lactose-free, as well free of hormones and cholesterol.

Remilk’s yeast-based fermentation process creates animal-free milk proteins that CBC Group will incorporate into the new line. Remilk describes its protein as identical to the milk protein that is produced by cows, and “indistinguishable in taste and function” when used in foods and beverages.

"We're thrilled to partner with one of the most trusted and innovative dairy producers in Israel, with a legacy of more than 70 years making delicious dairy products for generations of consumers," said Aviv Wolff, chief executive officer and co-founder of Remilk. "This is a significant affirmation of the quality, safety and versatility of Remilk's protein. CBC Group is a first mover, playing a powerful role in helping drive a dairy industry evolution for the better of people and the planet. We're working with regulators and innovators around the world to make non-animal dairy products available to consumers everywhere."

CBC Group president Yoram Sagy said the company’s new partnership with Remilk falls in line with its goals to introduce “cutting edge innovations on the one hand and finding innovative solutions for the existing food and beverage market on the other.”

In June, Remilk achieved a crucial step in getting its protein to consumers in the US, obtaining self-affirmed generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status that is required by the US Food and Drug Administration.