PLYMOUTH, WIS. – Sartori Cheese’s Old World Cheddar received the honor of best cheddar cheese from the taste testers who chose the winners for the PEOPLE 2022 Food Awards.

The company describes its Italian cheddar as having a sharp flavor that also is savory and buttery, with notes of fruit.

When PEOPLE published this year’s list of the “most delicious new foods in the grocery store,” it noted the cheese’s creamy texture and shared that one tester said, “It melts like a dream.”

"Our team puts so much work into every cheese we make," said Pam Hodgson, master cheesemaker at Sartori Cheese. "Our Old World Cheddar was no exception. Seeing this cheese highlighted in such an established publication is a huge honor for our local family farms and Sartori team members."

The Old World Cheddar and other Sartori cheeses are available at US grocery stores, as well as online at the Sartori website.