PARIS – Combining the nutritional benefits of both dairy and plants, the newest baby formula from Danone contains a mixture of both plant-based and dairy-based proteins.

The company’s Dairy & Plants Blend baby formula incorporates nutrients found in plants and breastmilk, and was developed for parents who are seeking vegetarian and flexitarian options for their baby’s diet.

Danone shared that 60% of the protein in the new product comes from non-GMO soy, while the remaining 40% is extracted from casein and whey protein, its dairy ingredients. The formula also includes lactose, which is found in breastmilk and provides carbohydrates.

The new blended formula will launch first in the Netherlands, through the Nutrilon brand. Danone stated the formula then will debut in other countries later this year, through global brand Aptamil.

“As a mother of four, I appreciate parents want the very best nutrition for their baby’s healthy growth and development,” said Manuela Borella, Danone’s vice president of global plant-based strategy and business acceleration. “At Danone, we also recognize many parents want to introduce plant-based, vegetarian and flexitarian options into their baby’s diet, while still meeting their baby’s specific nutritional requirements. Our new Dairy & Plants Blend baby formula has been developed with these needs top of mind.”

The product is described as having a mild plant flavor, which intends to introduce babies and toddlers to new tastes that could shape what they eat as they grow up.

Danone’s Dairy & Plants Blend baby formula projects to have a carbon footprint approximately 30% lower per pack than most powdered formulas, with fully recyclable packaging and more plant-based ingredients.