WASHINGTON – The International Dairy Foods Association is teaming with the US Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to host an upcoming webinar on avoiding hazards inside dairy manufacturing facilities.

Scheduled for Aug. 18, as part of OSHA’s safe and sound week, the IDFA invited its member company’s environment, health and safety leadership and professionals, safety teams and front-line workers to check out the 45-minute webinar, “Find and Fix” Tips for Proactive Worker Safety.

The IDFA shared that the webinar also will be recorded and broken up into different parts so that members have the ability to use the video within their own safety management programs.

A compliance assistance specialist for OSHA, Mary Bauer will conduct the webinar, which will cover topics such as the top hazards in dairy plants, machine guarding, lockout/tagout, thermal burns from processing and chemical burns from sanitation.

Registration is available online through the IDFA website.