Recent research supports the role that dairy protein plays in maintaining fitness, weight management and healthy aging, as well as essential nutrients to maintain healthy gut and immune function.

These topics will be the heart of Dairy Processing’s upcoming webinar, “Dairy’s role in health and nutrition,” which will happen live on Sept. 20 at 2 pm EST.

Moderated by Dairy Processing managing editor Kristen Putch, the discussion with National Dairy Council senior vice president Dr. Katie Brown, Dairy Council of California nutrition science officer Ashley Rosales, and registered dietitian and clinical nutrition expert Lauren Twigge will focus on the health benefits of dairy products, educating consumers and how processors can leverage dairy’s inherent nutritional value.

Topics will include

  Where dairy fits into the conversation regarding health and nutrition at different phases of life.

  Gut health, inclusion of probiotics and functional elements of dairy products.

Consumer perception and fighting misinformation surrounding dairy products.

  Product labeling and front-of-package claims.

  Leveraging the benefits of dairy in mental and emotional wellbeing.

Registration for the free webinar is available online.