SAN CLEMENTE, CALIF. – The group behind the prominent “got milk?” slogan and branding has a new campaign to promote dairy.

The California Milk Processor Board’s latest push encourages people to “Get Real,” by both completely leaning in to being themselves and by drinking real milk.

"Milk has been around for thousands of years as the go-to drink to supply bodies with energy, vitamins and nutrients,” said Steve James, CMPB executive director. “While digital filters, trends and fads come and go, real milk has been a reliable constant. This campaign is in line with what milk stands for – authenticity. There's nothing more authentic than wholesome, nutritious, real milk. And we want to celebrate and encourage people to be their authentic selves."

CMPB launched the campaign with a video starring actor and singer Diego Boneta. 

Funded by milk processors in California and administered by the state’s department of food and agriculture, the CMPB was founded in 1993. One of its other recent campaigns, “Bones Love Milk,” teaches young people about the benefits of drinking milk, such as strong bones, energy, hydration and muscle recovery.