SONOMA, CALIF. – Artisan goat cheese maker Laura Chenel notified distributors and buyers that it has discontinued production of its probiotic goat yogurt.

Citing recent rising costs of milk and other materials, the company decided it no longer could produce the yogurt at an affordable price. Laura Chenel’s national sales director, BJ Frank, shared the announcement in a letter that was sent to distributors in July.

The probiotic goat yogurt line, which came in both plain and vanilla flavors, is no longer in production. The company took its last order submissions for the product on Sept. 14, and Sept. 30 is its final ship date to distributors.

The action, which the company stated it took in order to free up resources, doesn’t impact any of Laura Chenel’s other product lines. Its family of brands, St. Benoit Creamery and Marin French Cheese Company, are unaffected by the change, as well.