MINERVA, OHIO — Minerva Dairy announced it now has capacity to produce organic, oil-infused spreadable butter. The family-owned creamery plans not only to infuse organic olive oil into its own products, but also to find co-packing and private label opportunities.

The Ohio-based butter and cheese manufacturer shared that it can produce oil-infused or flavor-infused organic butters in a variety of sizes – 5.5 oz cups, 8 oz cups, 5 lb pails and 4 oz sticks.

“We’ve been making better butter and cheese for more than 129 years, and part of that means staying ahead of food trends and manufacturing innovations,” said Venae Watts, the creamery’s fifth generation co-owner. “We’ve seen the growing popularity of spreadable butters in grocers’ dairy cases, and the versatility of butter options in general. This expansion into organic, oil-infused spreadable butter for private-label clients and ourselves helps keep Minerva Dairy at the forefront of what customers want.”

Per Minerva Dairy, infusing organic olive oil leads to lower costs for consumers, as well as a spreadable butter that is easier to use “right out of the refrigerator.”

The creamery also made it known that companies looking for private-label spreadable butter solutions can contact Watts via email at venae@minervadairy.com.