CLEVELAND – Product development boutique Step Change Innovations and global dairy product manufacturer FrieslandCampina Ingredients worked jointly to develop an evidence-based ingredient blend for health concerns and consumer self-care.

The developers shared that the blend of dairy-based ingredients, called Calmology, has been extensively studied in clinical trials. Per Step Change, the blend maintains mood and emotional well-being, promotes a normal response to stress and anxiety, encourages sleep and maintaining sleep quality, helps with digestive health by reinforcing the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, and supports the immune system.

The Calmology blend was developed to function either as a product on its own or a packaged product that consumers can add into a beverage. Its makers also said it can serve as a base that is customizable by adding flavors, colors and other active components. Plus, it functions with ready-to-drink beverages and slab-type bars.

While the supplemental blend contains milk and lactose, it is free from other major allergens.

Step Change also announced it partnered with Flavor Producers to debut Calmology and make samples available in a select flavor option for the first time at the SupplySide West trade show in Las Vegas from Oct. 31-Nov. 4.

"Step Change Innovations is honored to collaborate with Flavor Producers, the leader in organic and natural flavors, to showcase Calmology at SupplySide West," said Joseph Bradley, chief executive officer at Step Change. "We are proud of this revolutionary ingredient blend and are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring it to market."

The Cleveland-based product development company also credited FrieslandCampina Ingredients for its scientific research and development efforts that explored how dairy ingredients can benefit people’s moods and sleep patterns.

"A good night's sleep is crucial to maintaining mental and physical well-being," said Devon Gholam, innovation director at Step Change. "Calmology is unique in that it contains several ingredients utilizing different mechanisms to support sleep and mood, while also helping to maintain digestive and immune health."