RACINE, WIS. — Butter Buds Inc. has developed Milk Buds Plus, a concentrated dairy ingredient designed to reduce the use of lipidized milk and cream.

The shelf-stable ingredient provides the functionality of fresh milk while masking off-flavors to mimic the taste of American-style chocolate, acting as a lower-cost dairy solution for confectionery coatings, milk chocolate bars, beverages and baking applications.

“Milk Buds Plus is made from real milk to optimize rich dairy taste and helps manufacturers enhance richness in formulations while delivering the full-bodied mouthfeel, taste and texture of dairy,” said Michael Ivey, national sales director at Butter Buds. “It is crafted from real dairy to provide consumers with the true dairy taste and nutrition they want, yet contains virtually no fat, trans-fats or cholesterol.”

A water-soluble ingredient, Milk Buds Plus is an easy addition to existing formulations with low usage rates requirements. The ingredient joins Butter Buds’ existing dairy and non-dairy concentrates, including the recently launched dairy alternative Non-Dairy 32X.