ELMHURST, ILL. – The American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI) announced it developed an upcoming online education course to provide people with comprehensive instruction covering dairy ingredients and products.

The ADPI Dairy Ingredients 360 Training Course will offer a combined 36 hours’ worth of classes over the span of nine months, from February to October 2023, with instruction pertaining to the production, marketing and use of dairy ingredients, as well as other topics.

Per the institute, attendees also will find out about dairy ingredients pricing, supply and demand, dairy science, food safety, sustainability and resources.

“We are fortunate to put together a course with a group of instructors with real world experience in all facets of dairy ingredients, including marketing, manufacturing technology, quality assurance, regulations, fundamental properties, sustainability and food applications,” said course organizer KJ Burrington, ADPI’s director for technical development.

ADPI shared that it created the training to make it useful for all types of professionals involved in the dairy industry, including people in sales positions, supply and procurement staff, marketing departments, supervisors and regulatory officials.

Registration details and more information on the course are available online at the ADPI website.