DENTON, TEXAS – Food processing and packaging lines specialist Tetra Pak plans to help emerging brands through a newly announced collaboration with Brandjectory.

The platform from Brandjectory assists early-stage CPG founders through their capital raise process. Per Tetra Pak, it will make use of its network of customers and suppliers while teaming with Brandjectory to access funding for emerging brands, giving select startups resources for success.

“As our customers look for more opportunities to innovate, we continue to offer new ways for them to do so,” said Patty Mathison, vice president, business development, Tetra Pak US and Canada. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Brandjectory to give early-stage brands access to its benefits to help accelerate their growth trajectory via capital raise preparation and strategic investor relations.”

The platform for new businesses is part of Tetra Pak’s initiative called the Innovation Ecosystem, which offers its customers access to resources. The company put the initiative in place to accelerate growth for emerging brands.

“While Tetra Pak provides the best ecosystem for innovation, Brandjectory has the best tools for navigating the capital raise process efficiently and more effectively,” said Michael Movitz, co-founder of Brandjectory. “The brands we’re inviting to participate in this program will have access to insights, industry experts and investors that can advance their businesses in exciting ways.”