DENVER – The Simply Good Foods Company and its Atkins nutritional snacking brand announced their ready to drink shakes now come in cartons from Tetra Pak that use 78% renewable, plant-based materials.

Both the inside and outside polyethylene layers on the new cartons and their plant-based resealable caps come from sugarcane. The Colorado-based packaged food and beverage company shared that using the new cartons instead of ones made from fossil fuel-based materials leads to a 17% decrease in its carbon footprint.

Tetra Pak, an international packaging solutions company, launched its plant-based polymer layers in 2016, and expanded production of its sustainable cartons in its Denton, Texas, plant in late 2021.

"Tetra Pak has been a great longstanding packaging supplier of ours, and we are excited to be bringing this new carton to the US market that aligns with our sustainability goals," said Dave Wallis, senior vice president of operations for Simply Good Foods. "The package is made mainly from renewable materials. It is also recyclable and helps prevent food waste. Made from FSC-certified paperboard, it also promotes the well-being of the world's forests."

Atkins will use the new packaging on all 15 of its shake flavors, as well as its Iced Coffee Protein Shake line.

Jason Pelz, Tetra Pak's vice President of sustainability in the US, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean, said the company is working to create “the world's most sustainable food package.”

“But for our innovations to make a real impact, it is important to have customers, like Atkins, that recognize the value in minimizing their footprint by choosing to bring this product to market and into the hands of consumers," Pelz said.