BURLINGTON, VT. – Ben & Jerry’s turned to the crunchiness and sweet cinnamon flavor of churros when developing its newest ice cream flavor.

The Vermont-based frozen dessert maker called its Churray for Churros! product a “perfect translation” of the hot, fried, cinnamon-sprinkled pastries that inspired it.

"It was years in the making and we're excited to finally have churro in the lineup,” said Natalia Butler, a flavor guru with the company. “Those flavors resonate with a lot of people and bring back so many memories, especially for us at Ben & Jerry's.”

While formulating its newest ice cream, the company ultimately decided to go with the most traditional churro flavors instead of adding even more. The idea was consumers could customize the dessert with toppings of their choice.

"We interpreted the crunchy, sugary exterior of the churro into a swirl and buttery cinnamon ice cream for this flavor, while the cake-like interior texture of a churro is incorporated as soft, indulgent pieces throughout," Butler said. "We gave fans the base, but if you want to amp it up, you can have it your way with some chocolate or caramel drizzle."

The new full-time Ben & Jerry’s flavor is shipping to retail locations throughout the United States, and the pints have an MSRP of $5.99-6.49.