LOS ANGELES – Modern frozen snack maker My/Mochi revealed some of the new products it plans to roll out this year.

The company, which produces ice cream snacks wrapped in sweet rice mochi dough, is about to launch Cereal + Milk Mochi Ice Cream. The new flavor, featuring a graham cereal premium ice cream, will debut at WalMart locations beginning this month.

Additionally, My/Mochi announced it has four new premium ice cream flavors – Ube, Strawberry with Boba, Coffee and Passion Fruit – lined up for the second quarter of 2023.

The company also wants consumers to think of its smoothie flavors as on-the-go options for mornings. Currently available in Strawberry Banana and Mixed Berry flavors, the snacks have a premium fruit puree inside of mochi dough.

All of the products in the company’s portfolio include 100 or fewer calories per serving. Plus, the snacks are gluten-, soy-, nut- and rBST-free, and contain neither GMOs nor artificial ingredients.

The Los Angeles-based ice cream maker’s newly named chief marketing officer, Brigette Wolf, said between consumer excitement about mochi and the brand’s capability, the company plans on furthering its leadership in the category.

"My/Mochi has been at the forefront of making mochi accessible, fun and easy for people to experience through its expansive ice cream offering, and now we have the runway to do so much more," Wolf said. "I came to the company because I know how powerful the right combination of strategic innovation and consumer-centric marketing can be to growing a brand. I'm excited to really unlock the magic of mochi and bring this unique product to more people in more places."