ST. LOUIS – Allied Blending LP and Millbio North America announced they formed an exclusive partnership that will bring natural, clean-label preservatives to the dairy and plant-based industries.

Known in the dairy industry for its cheese anti-caking systems used for shredded cheese, Allied Blending said it invests heavily in research and development to bring new value-add ingredient blends to customers.

The companies announced they are collaborating not only on natural preservatives, but also finding applications for other ingredients offered by Allied Blending. Millbio North America is an affiliate of the global Millbio group, which develops and produces innovative, clean-label and all-natural solutions.

“Our partnership with Millbio is an exciting opportunity to expand the application of their natural preservatives outside the bakery industry to our anti-cake and plant-based customers and keep them on the cutting edge,” said Frederic Schulders, chief executive officer at Allied Blending.

Based in Keokuk, Iowa, Allied Blending has three active patents of anti-cake formulations for the cheese industry. The company’s XF technology is an alternative to gas flushing.

Peter Luck, managing director for Millbio North America, said: “Together with Allied Blending we will be able to introduce novel plant-based shelf-life and mold inhibition technologies in this industry. With Allied Blending’s technical and application expertise we will be able to provide successful solutions for a growing demand – clean-label preservation.”

Per Allied Blending, it is planning to have its new clean-label, anti-cake blends available by the third quarter of 2023. The company shared that plant-based solutions are currently in development.