LA FARGE, WIS. – Organic Valley released its 2023 Impact Report, highlighting the ins and outs of its carbon insetting program and other initiatives.

A finalist in the general excellence category for Fast Company’s 2023 World Changing Ideas Awards, the farmer-owned cooperative’s carbon insetting program rewards Organic Valley farmers for using regenerative, climate-smart farming practices, including tree planting and composting strategies.

The cooperative’s leadership said the program helps Organic Valley work toward carbon neutrality without relying on carbon offsetting, and at the same time it is supporting environmental stewardship on farms.

Per Organic Valley, it set a goal to collaborate with approximately 500 of its cooperative farmers over the course of the next five years and implement more than 1,200 climate-smart farming practices.

"While I am new to Organic Valley, having started as (chief executive officer) in January of 2023, I am excited about what the future will bring,” said Jeff Frank, CEO. “The story of this farmer-owned cooperative is expanding to include the real impact of the farms of Organic Valley – from the way they care deeply for the earth and animals, all the way to the future of carbon and climate action.” 

The impact report details animal care practices, such as implementing pasture and outdoor access standards, preventative care and treatment. Organic Valley shared that it rewards farmers for excelling in animal care and being proactive. The cooperative stated its family farms have, on average, 80 dairy cows – 3.5 times smaller than the industry average.

Per the report, Organic Valley farmers have prevented the use of more than 540 million pounds of chemicals since 1988 with their organic practices.

The cooperative also said it has donated more than 19 million pounds of food in the past seven years, while also partnering with organizations and nonprofits to focus on building up local communities.

The full report is available online at Organic Valley’s website.