LONDONDERRY, NH – Yogurt maker Stonyfield Organic announced it is expanding its plant in Londonderry, NH, adding 17,000 square feet to the facility.

The company said the project will help it meet the growing demand for its on-the-go yogurt pouches, which debuted in 2013, and are made with organic milk and real fruit.

Stonyfield shared that it has experienced double-digit growth with its pouches over the past five years, as distribution of the products extended and they became available in 75% of grocery stores in the United States.

With its plant expansion, the company expects to double its pouch output with more pouch production lines, making it possible to add 46 million pouches per year.

“Stonyfield set the standard for organic yogurt pouches many years ago, and they continue to be our most in demand product,” said Bill Cassidy, chief executive officer. “This expansion will accelerate our production of our yogurt pouches and add 35% to our total pouch network to increase accessibility for our consumers.”

Per the company, the building shell will be complete by the end of June, while the new yogurt pouch line is scheduled to be operational in October. The new wing in the facility is dedicated to company co-founder Samuel Kaymen.