MINNEAPOLIS – Yoplait announced it has two new snacks rolling out for the summer: Yoplait Original with Chocolate Shavings and Go-Gurt Freeze & Reveal tubes.

General Mills, which manufactures Yoplait products, shared that its latest yogurt cups drew inspiration from treats such as chocolate-covered strawberries and cordial cherries. The company added real chocolate shavings to strawberry, cherry and raspberry yogurt flavors for the launch.

Yoplait designed its new Go-Gurt variety to be eaten frozen. When consumers put these Go-Gurt tubes in the freezer, the cold temperature unlocks images and messages on the individual tubes. The Go-Gurt Freeze & Reveal line debuts with 10 flavors, including cotton candy, orange cream pop, and red, white & blue pop.

The new Go-Gurt tubes are available now at retailers throughout the United States, sold in eight-count packages. Meanwhile, Yoplait Original with Chocolate Shavings will be sold in individual cups at retailers this summer.

Yoplait Go-Gurt freeze and reveal new flavors Image: General Mills