SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – A $250,000 grant partnering the Dairy Council of California and Community Health Centers of America (CHCA) will provide evidence-based nutrition education training and resources to health care providers and residents in the city of Gustine, Calif.

Awarded by Legacy Health Endowment, the grant also offers extra funds for mothers and families with children between 6 months and 2 years of age to buy nutrient-dense milk and dairy products.

Legacy Health Endowment chief executive officer Jeffrey Lewis said the partnership between the state’s dairy council, CHCA and other local organizations will have an immediate and sustainable impact.

“Funds will be used to highlight the importance of dairy as part of healthy eating patterns to underserved communities in the critical first 1,000 days of life,” Lewis said.

A nutrition organization focused on children and communities, the Dairy Council of California and its partners plan to address nutrition security in the area with the grant, providing reliable access to affordable, nutritious dairy products so people can avoid hunger and stay healthy.

“Proper nutrition during the earliest stages of life supports a foundation for lifelong health and success,” said Amy DeLisio, CEO for Dairy Council of California. “We believe in maximizing resources through collaboration and collective impact. This project will provide the opportunity for Dairy Council of California to work with local partners in Gustine to improve nutrition security by helping families stretch their food dollars while also supporting a healthy start in early life, through the introduction of wholesome first foods in a culturally relevant way.”

CHCA CEO Naresh Channaveerappa said the organization’s healthcare service serves regions that are historically underserved.

“Our commitment to improving health equity in underserved communities is made possible with partnerships like this one, which helps us in our quest to impact the health of entire communities,” Channaveerappa said.