ZURICH, SWITZERLAND — Amcor announced a new, more sustainable production line for high-performance shrink bags and films for meat and cheese products. The new line at its Swansea, United Kingdom, Flexibles plant utilizes a thinner material with a high barrier PBdc-free formulation while maintaining quality, performance and optical properties.

“Our state-of-the-art production line enables us to provide customers with an effortless transition towards more sustainable packaging,” said Robert Kleinschmidt, vice president of the meat, fish and poultry business unit of Amcor. “With our latest shrink line, we can now produce thinner, PVdC-free shrink bags and films that not only maintain the same transparency and protective qualities as existing solutions but also surpass them in terms of performance and reduced plastic usage.”

With the new production line, Amcor offers sustainable packaging solutions through its PrimeSeal packaging range for meat and DairySeal packaging range for cheese. The ranges include Crystal Shield 75 shrink bag, Eco-Tite, Cook-Tite, Flow-Tite, and Form-Tite.

“This latest investment expands our existing PVdC-free packaging range for meat and cheese,” said Rosalia Rosalinova, senior marketing manager. “Amcor uniquely combines packaging engineers, sustainability experts and modern production. The investment in this new production line demonstrates our dedication to our customers and to offering more sustainable packaging for the meat and dairy industries.”

Amcor’s PrimeSeal product range significantly extends the shelf life of perishable items like meat and provides a high-barrier protection against oxygen and moisture, keeping food products fresh and safe to eat.