DENVER — The Simply Good Foods Co. again is expanding its Quest brand, this time with the launch of Quest cheese crackers. Available in a “Cheddar Blast” variety, the crackers contain 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of net carbs per serving.

“Consumers are focusing on their nutrition and wellness goals, but still want that savory snacking experience,” said Linda Zink, chief marketing officer at Simply Good Foods. “Quest is all about supporting consumers by delivering on taste, while also offering the macros they are seeking. We are excited to launch Quest Cheese Crackers, a cheesy option that satisfies this appetite for snacking, while providing a protein boost without a ton of net carbs.”

The crackers are available in four-count multi-packs online at the Quest Nutrition website, as well as at retailers, such as Amazon, Target and Walmart. 

Founded in 2009, Quest’s product line includes protein bars, protein bar minis, protein chips, cheese crackers, protein cookies, candy, protein shakes, protein powder and pizza.