NEW YORK – Brazil-based dairy precision fermentation company Future Cow joined Big Idea Ventures’ accelerator program. Per the foodtech investor, Future Cow is among the first startups to benefit from pre-seed funding through the venture capital’s New Protein Fund II.

Future Cow produces animal-free milk that the company said is molecularly identical to traditional dairy, with the same taste, texture and nutritional content as milk that comes from cows.

The company said its products, made through precision fermentation, are created with fewer carbon emissions than traditional dairy, while also saving water, energy and land consumption. Its milk is free from allergens, cholesterol and antibiotics.

“Cellular agriculture will disrupt the food system as we know it,” said Leonardo Vieira, founder and chief executive officer at Future Cow.

The foodtech company, based in Sao Paulo, replicates in labs molecular proteins made by cows, creating what it describes as a digitized copy of the cow gene.

Big Idea Ventures shared that it also invested in nine other companies as part of its New Protein Fund II. Overall, the New York-based venture capital firm has made more than 110 early stage investments in the alternative protein and ingredient industry.