MALONE, WIS. – Specialty goat cheese maker LaClare Creamery introduced three new flavors to its portfolio, launching Chili Lime, Mediterranean and a seasonal Pumpkin.

The company said it created the new products with consumer trends in mind.

LaClare shared that its Chili Lime Goat Cheese aims to appeal to consumers seeking complex flavors, such as a sweet heat combination. The company described the Chili Lime variety as a tangy and sweet goat cheese with a blend of chipotle chiles, limes and salt.

The creamery crafted its Mediterranean Goat Cheese, meanwhile, with some inspiration from the Mediterranean diet health trend. The goat cheese blends olives, herbs and spices synonymous with the region. LaClare noted its goat cheese contains just one type of casein, A1, which has been associated with easier digestion.

A popular fall flavor, pumpkin spice, is used in a puree to make the company’s limited edition Pumpkin Goat Cheese, which also features a hint of cinnamon.

The announcement of the new flavors coincided with National Goat Cheese Month in August.

“We’re incredibly excited to debut these three new chèvre offerings,” said Patrick Considine, national sales director for LaClare. “As we continue to grow our collection of savory and sweet goat cheese flavors, it is no secret that we at LaClare are passionate about transforming the clean, creamy taste of our Original Goat Cheese into unrivaled flavor creations.”

The creamery said it partners with local Wisconsin farmers who produce high-quality goat milk to make its fresh goat cheese products.