PADUCAH, KY. – Flash-frozen beaded ice cream maker Dippin' Dots revealed it will soon launch a new flavor that it’s calling Frozeti Dough.

The blue, sugar cookie-flavored ice cream also includes pieces of chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate sandwich cookie dough.

"We're thrilled to introduce our latest Dippin' Dots flavor, Frozeti Dough, to our fans," said Matt Inderlied, the company’s senior vice president and general manager. "There is a lot that goes into a new flavor launch — we're constantly speaking with Dippin' Dots fans and customers to learn more about their tastes and preferences. The cookie flavor profile is trending and Frozeti Dough was the top performing product in flavor tests. We're excited to share this new playful flavor with our fans nationwide in the coming months."

Dippin’ Dots shared that the flavor will first become available for customer purchase in November, and a broader consumer release is set to follow in spring of 2024. The company said Frozeti Dough will be sold at Dippin' Dots locations, convenience stores, amusement and entertainment venues, and local events throughout the United States. Plus, the company sells its products in scoopable bulk and individual serving pre-packs online at its website.

J&J Snack Foods acquired Dippin’ Dots in 2022 and soon after shared its plans to expand the ice cream company’s reach.