VEVEY, SWITZERLAND — Aiming to bring an affordable and nutrient-rich instant powder product to Central and West Africa, Nestlé formulated its new Nido Milk & Soya with a blend of both milk and plant ingredients.

The powder, which launched in Nigeria, contains protein and fiber, is a source of iron and calcium, and is made with milk and locally sourced soy, the company said.

A Nestlé team working out of its West African research and development center in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, developed the latest product for the company’s Nido brand, which was created to be used for cereals, porridges and beverages.

The head of the company’s Abidjan R&D center, Tesfalidet Haile, said the development process for the powder benefited from “local expertise” in cereals and dairy innovation, leading to the creation of a product with “a good taste, texture and solid nutritional credentials.”

Haile added: “This combined with the use of locally sourced soy enabled us to deliver a nutritious and affordable milk and plant-based beverage with sustainability benefits."

Nestlé’s global category head for early childhood nutrition, Laurent Alsteens, said the company is expanding its offerings with “nutritious, tasty products that complement the everyday diet” of not only children, but also entire families.

“Through combining the goodness of dairy and plant ingredients, we can deliver a new flavor experience together with nutritional benefits,” Alsteens said.