HERSHEY, PA. – Snack and candy maker The Hershey Company recently launched a new version of its popular KISSES, adding a chocolate milk filling to the center of its latest chocolate product.

The company described its KISSES Milklicious candies as “creamier and smoother” than any KISSES ever produced, with a filling developed to mimic the taste of “a rich glass of chocolate milk.”

Hershey’s shared that the new flavor is the only filled KISSES candy to be available year-round.

"Inspired by the special tastes of childhood, Hershey's KISSES Milklicious candies feature a rich and creamy chocolate milk filling that is guaranteed to add a bit of delight to any time of day and unlock fond memories of drinking chocolate milk for the whole family," said Katie DeCapria, brand manager at The Hershey Company.

The milk chocolate candies debuted in March and are sold in 9 oz share bags throughout the United States.