NEENAH, WIS. – Specialty dairy product manufacturer Galloway Company expanded its distribution network. The cream liqueur base producer shared that its products will now be more accessible to craft distillers throughout the country via a new facility in Louisville, Ky, operated by bulk alcohol supplier Ultra Pure.

Galloway Company shared that the facility has a dedicated cold storage logistics center for shipping creams, and it has been partnering with Ultra Pure for eight years to get its products to market.

"Our growing collaboration with Ultra Pure signifies a pivotal step towards extending our legacy of providing high-quality cream liqueurs to the craft distillery market," said Mark Gottsacker, director of beverage sales. "From a single tote to full trucks, this partnership allows us to reach partners at any stage of their business, making adding creams to product lines easier than ever."

The Wisconsin-based company, which also produces sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and dairy beverage bases, said expanding its distribution network by partnering with Ultra Pure helps it make sure products “maintain their exceptional quality as they reach a wider array of craft distilleries” across the United States.