ATLANTA – Authentic Mediterranean labneh maker Yaza shared that its distribution reach is growing, with the company adding new West Coast retail partners.

Yaza said its products are arriving this month at Erewhon, Pavilions and Lassens locations in the greater Los Angeles area.

Established in 2022, the company said it makes its labneh with fresh milk, which is strained to a smooth consistency so the products are ideal for dipping and spreading. Yaza noted that it uses only natural, whole ingredients for its products, which are rich in probiotics and naturally high in protein and low in fat.

Labneh flavors made by Yaza include Plain, Za'atar & Olive Oil, and Spicy Chili. The company said plans for more blends are in the works, as well.

"I founded Yaza to bring a clean, traditional labneh like I enjoyed in Lebanon to the US market," said Karim Khalil, Yaza’s founder. "Knowing that Californians appreciate delicious and good-for-you foods, it made sense to make The Golden State our first home on the West Coast."

The company said its labneh is produced at a creamery in the Catskill Mountains, sourcing fresh milk from dairy farms in Upstate New York. Yaza said the primary ingredients are just milk and salt, and recommended labneh can be used for dipping with pita chips, spreading on a bagel, making a salad dressing or topping a baked potato.