PHOENIX – Frozen novelty brand Bubbies Ice Cream revealed its three newest mochi ice cream snacks, adding Chocolate Peanut Butter, Churro and Mint Chocolate Chip to its lineup.

The company noted its mochi ice cream treats feature all-natural, premium ingredients, are wrapped in sweet mochi dough, and contain 90 calories per serving.

"It's been a blast ideating these new flavor iterations and it's thrilling to see them officially hitting shelves nationwide," said Katie Cline, vice president of marketing at Bubbies Ice Cream. "These new offerings are only furthering our mission to transport everyone to ice cream paradise with each bite thanks to premium ingredients and unique, crave-worthy flavors. We're excited about what we've come up with and can't wait to hear what our mochi ice cream fans (and newcomers) think."

In conjunction with rolling out new flavors, Bubbies announced it added a new retail distribution partner, Meijer, which will introduce fan-favorite Bubbies flavors Strawberry, Vanilla and Pistachio at its stores in the Midwest.

The newest mochi ice cream flavors are available at various retailers, as well as online at the Bubbies Ice Cream website.