NEW YORK — Technology and information specialist Keychain unveiled its AI-powered manufacturing platform for the packaged goods industry. The platform enables brands and retailers to identify, select and manage manufacturer partners.

In December, Keychain raised $18 million in seed funding to accelerate the launch of the platform.

Through the platform, brands and retailers may be able to search for any product in the search bar, which then pulls up product varieties and the manufacturer that may produce them.

“We’ve spoken to hundreds of brands and retailers across the country — they all say that their biggest problem is finding the right manufacturing partners,” said Oisin Hanrahan, co-founder and chief executive officer of Keychain. “We’re digitizing what has historically been an analog process by removing the complexities that stand between retailers, brands and CPG manufacturers. There’s a massive inefficiency in how retailers and manufacturers interact, and the implications can be traced all the way down to every consumer’s grocery bill.”

The platform includes more than $100 million of manufacturing capacity for brands and retailers in 40-plus product categories, the company said. Brands and retailers also may view and reserve the ability and pricing of manufacturing line times.

Keychain’s platform is currently open to invited partners only, but the company plans to open its platform to select retailers and brands in 2024.