SANTA CLARA, CALIF. — Roambee’s supply chain intelligence platform is AI-powered to aid food supply chain companies.

The platform can predict quality compliance of shipments days before arrival at distribution centers or at stores, and the company said its solution can address challenges that come with food cold chain visibility.

“Roambee’s cutting-edge technology recognizes the importance of maintaining optimal conditions during the transportation of food and beverages,” said Sanjay Sharma, chief executive officer of Roambee. “Beyond the time-sensitive nature of these shipments, the susceptibility to contamination and the need for uncompromised quality are paramount. By providing real-time visibility and intelligent insights into the location and condition of food, Roambee not only enhances quality of delivery in the food industry, but also facilitates traceability, ensuring the origin of the product can be easily determined.”

Roambee is a supply chain visibility and intelligence provider that provides on-time delivery of shipments and assets using real-time insights and foresights.