NEW YORK – Cheese snack manufacturer Whisps revealed its latest innovation, Whisps Popped, which is made from 100% real cheddar, parmesan, pepper jack and mozzarella.

The company said that the Popped products, similar to its Cheese Crisps, are made with cheese that is grated and then baked into a “poppable” snack. From there, the products get seasoned with even more cheese, leading Whisps to tout them as its “cheesiest cheese snack” to date.

The baked cheese Popped snacks launched in three flavors: Very Cheddar, Perfectly Parmesan and Jalapeño Popper.

"At Whisps, we believe you should nourish yourself and your family with delicious and satiating snacks,” said John Ghingo, the company’s chief executive officer. “Whisps Popped delivers on this promise by transforming 100% real cheese into a snack that's not only craveable but also delivers [10 grams of] protein to keep you fueled.”

Ghingo said the company has spent years perfecting the art and science of creating baked cheese snacks.

“Whisps Popped is our cheesiest innovation yet, using cheese as both the core ingredients and the additional flavoring,” he said. “We can't wait to see what serious cheese snackers think about these new Popped items.”

The newest snacks from Whisps are currently available at various retailers throughout the country.