NEW YORK, NY – FreshDirect has partnered with cheesemakers at Cabot Creamery and Jasper Hill Farm for a new cave-aged Mountain Cheddar cheese. The new addition for FreshDirect sold out online within the first seven days of its launch. 

The Mountain Cheddar was previously reserved for use in restaurants and foodservice companies. Now, with the partnership with FreshDirect, Jasper Hill Farms can now sell the white label cheese directly to customers. 

By working with Cabot, one of the oldest family-owned farms in New England, Jasper Hill was able to bring this project to life by hand-selecting vats of young, cave-aged cheese. The caves are temperature and humidity-controlled to make sure that the cheese does not spoil while aging. The blocks are then coated with lard, brushed and turned to cultivate a living natural rind, which adds a unique complexity to developing the cheese. 

Mountain Cheddar is a new product offered by Jasper Hill that includes sweet, nutty flavors with a more pliant, meltable texture. It can be paired with craft beer, prosciutto, baguettes and/or a dry hard cider, according to the company.

Mountain Cheddar can be purchased exclusively on FreshDirect’s website