FARMINGTON, CONN. -- Carvel Ice Cream is capturing the flavors of summer with its new Churro Ice Cream treats and Churro Crunchies.

Now available for a limited time at Carvel shoppes and food delivery platforms, Carvel has introduced Churro Ice Cream within a wide variety of ice cream treats. This new line-up of treats has a t twist of the cinnamon and sugar churro flavor with Carvel's soft ice cream.

"If we could bottle up the warm, happy feelings people experience in the summer and turn that into ice cream treats, it would taste just like our new Churro flavor," said Nicolle DuBose, vice president and chief marketing officer for Carvel. "This new flavor, available in so many delicious treats and a new crunchie flavor, will have fans reminiscing about summer memories made at state fairs, carnivals and strolls down the boardwalk – while creating new memories for years to come."

In addition to the new Churro Ice Cream, for the first time ever, Carvel is introducing a new crunchie flavor - Churro Crunchies. Churro Crunchies are crispy vanilla crunch coated in a sweet vanilla bonnet shell with the cinnamon and sugar flavors of a Churro to provide fans with more ways to savor the Crunchie treat. Crunchies are known as Carvel's special blend of chocolate crunch coated with a rich chocolate bonnet shell, and they're an integral part of Carvel's history, best known for being layered within Carvel's famous ice cream cakes. The addition of Churro Crunchies allows new and existing Carvel-lovers to enjoy Crunchies in a new brand flavor.

Fans can get their Churro fix with Carvel's new product line, a combination of new products and a few Carvel favorites loaded with Churro Crunchies:

  • Churro Crunchies To-Go - Carvel's vanilla crunchies coated with the cinnamon and sugar flavors of a Churro
  • Churro Shake - Churro soft ice cream blended with cinnamon and sugar Churro Crunchies
  • Churro Sundae Dasher® - Churro soft serve with layers of Churro Crunchies and cinnamon and sugar mini-Churro pieces, topped with whipped cream and caramel
  • Churro Flying Saucers® Rolled in Churro Crunchies - Flying Saucer® crackers filled with Churro soft ice cream rolled in cinnamon and sugar Churro Crunchies
  • Churro Soft Serve Ice Cream - Carvel's famous soft serve blended with the cinnamon and sugar flavors of a Churro
  • Churro Scooped Ice Cream - Carvel's classic soft ice cream swirled with the cinnamon and sugar flavors of a Churro, caramel, and mini-Churro pieces

The Carvel Churro product line is available at Carvel shoppes and food delivery platforms, starting at $3.29. 

Special National Ice Cream Day Treat for Churro Lovers

Carvel is celebrating its new Churro ice cream menu and National Ice Cream Day, which falls on Sunday, July 18, with a special one-day treat. Fans that purchase a new Churro product at Carvel shoppes on July 18 will receive an offer card with one of many surprise offers that can be redeemed throughout the summer (valid through August 30), including:

  • Buy One, Get One Free Sundae (Soft Serve Only)
  • Buy One, Get One Free Cup or Cone (Soft Serve Only)
  • Free Jr. Cone with any $5 (or more) purchase (Soft Serve Only)
  • $1 off purchase of a Sundae Dasher
  • One free topping with the purchase of any size cup of ice cream

Additionally, 10 lucky people will win free ice cream for a year. For rules and to enter for a chance to win, visit