PETALUMA, CALIF. — Marin French Cheese Co. is releasing the first product in its new line of premium cheeses: Golden Gate. The washed-rind, triple crème cheese is aptly named for the golden color of the cheese as well as the Golden Gate Bridge, the iconic gateway to Marin County where the historic creamery is located.  

Golden Gate undergoes four rounds of handwashing in its 14-day aging process to lock in moisture that encourages the growth of Brevibacterium linens cultures. Multiple rounds of handwashing in brine score the cheese to help it develop the cultures and an edible rind that preserves the cheese’s creamy texture and balances its earthy, rich flavor with just the right amount of salt.  

“This dedication is what makes Golden Gate a truly artisanal cheese that’s interesting and enjoyable as it ages into a more pungent and gooier flavor profile for cheese aficionados, enthusiasts and explorers,” said Caroline Di Giusto, manager of Marin French Cheese.  

Golden Gate is made in small batches with the highest-quality pasteurized milk from Holstein, Jersey and Guernsey cows pastured at North Bay dairies located near the Marin French Cheese Co. Creamery. 

To create the triple crème cheese, cream is added to the milk for a richer flavor and texture. The vibrant edible orange rind reveals a supple, pale-yellow interior with rich, botanical aromas and a deep savory flavor. Best enjoyed at room temperature, Golden Gate ranges from semi-soft, fudgy, and robust when young to earthier oozing umami as it approaches its best-by date. 

The new cheese is ideal for cheese boards paired with crudité, flatbreads, crisps, and baguettes. Golden Gate can be best enjoyed alongside a fruity cider, a hoppy IPA, a California Pinot Noir, or a non-alcoholic beer. 

“Golden Gate offers a mature flavor that appeals to the evolving palates of today’s American consumers who are seeking nuanced profiles in their cheese,” said Manon Servouse, marketing director of Marin French Cheese. “This cheese has a true sense of place and is a delicious, tangible representation of our unique Marin County terroir.”