IRVINE, CALIF. — Cultured foods brand Good Culture is rolling out a suite of new products, including its first lactose-free line and squeezable sour cream pouches. The offerings are made with pasture-raised milk sourced from small family farms in the Midwest and feature live and active cultures.

The new Lactose-Free Cottage Cheese is made with five ingredients: milk, cream, sea salt, live and active cultures, and lactase enzyme. Each serving contains 14 grams of protein. The cottage cheese comes in a 15-oz tub and retails for $3.49.

The Squeezable Lactose-Free Sour Cream Pouch and Lactose-Free Sour Cream Tubs are lactose-free versions of the brand’s cultured sour cream. Both the 12-oz pouch and 15-oz tub retail for $2.99.

Good Culture’s new Squeezable Whole Milk Classic Sour Cream Pouch is made with four ingredients: milk, cream, enzymes, and live and active cultures. Each 12-oz pouch retails for $2.99.

“We are excited to drive continued expansion with more convenient pack formats and lactose-free options at leading retailers,” said Jesse Merrill, chief executive officer and co-founder of Good Culture. “We worked hard to create unique sour cream products that deliver a thicker and more flavorful experience using only simple ingredients, gut-friendly probiotic cultures and milk that is sourced from pasture-raised cows. We are also thrilled to make Good Culture accessible to lactose-sensitive folks looking for a clean, nutrient-dense and delicious experience.”