LOS ANGELES — A coalition of food industry veterans, startup founders, investors and influencers seeks to increase funding and opportunities for historically underrepresented entrepreneurs.  

The New American Table has launched to develop programming and initiatives around equity and inclusion in the food system. The group is hosting an inaugural Founder’s Story Series on Sept. 8 featuring the founders of Siete Foods, Omsom, Ayo Foods, Tasty Bite and others.

The founding team behind The New American Table includes Shayna Harris and Noramay Cadena, founders of Supply Change Capital; Karina Martinez, founder of avana creative; Bernadette Aulestia, angel investor; and Jennifer Yepez-Blundell, owner of Merida Consulting. Advisers include Miguel Garza, co-founder and chief executive officer of Siete Foods; Vanessa Pham, co-founder of Omsom; Rachel Krupa, founder of The Goods Mart; Chloe Sorvino, senior contributor at Forbes; Zoe Adjonyoh, author and founder of Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen; Ryan Pintado-Vertner, founder of Smoketown; and Perteet Spencer, co-founder of Ayo Foods.

The name of the coalition refers to the changing demographics in the United States and its effects on the food industry. Census population projections suggest the nation will become “minority white” in 2045. Multicultural consumers are more likely to buy natural and organic foods, according to Acosta Strategic Advisors. These trends point to the next generation of iconic food brands combining heritage, health and sustainability.

To learn more about The New American Table’s initiatives and events, go to NewAmericanTable.com.